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A 5th Anniversary for Le Dîner en Blanc – Washington DC

Every year Le Dîner en Blanc - Washington is a must-attend event for the residents of the American Capital. Since the first year, the event sparks excitement and surprise as all editions were sold out including, of course, this year. The city characterized by its monuments and its neoclassical architecture allows the hosts to propose to every year grandiose and emblematic places such as Lincoln Memorial, Pennsylvania Avenue or The Yards Park.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Le Dîner en Blanc - Washington, we summitted to this great mother-daughter hosting team - Linda, Bryer, Kaitlin Davis – our 5-Year / 5-Question questionnaire to unlock their secret, to each year propose majestic events, up to the expectations of each guest.

What do they reserve for us? Discover it all on August 23rd! 

How did you come to organize Le Dîner en Blanc?
Bryer is an avid New York Times food section reader and read about the coming of Le Dîner en Blanc to the United States in a 2011 feature. She was quick to sign up for the waiting list and as luck would have it, got in on a Phase 3 invitation! After experiencing the magic of Le Dîner en Blanc, Bryer wrote into the general email address to inquire about bringing the event to DC and two years later, a team was in place to host the first Le Dîner en Blanc in our nation's capital!

How is Le Dîner en Blanc different from any other event in which you’ve been involved?

Being our nation's capital, Washington, DC is an iconic city on its own, but, it's also known for divisive and antagonistic political games. We're incredibly proud to be a part of an event known for celebration, camaraderie, and community while sharing great food, wine and music in one of Washington's beautiful public spaces.

What is it about your city that embraced the concept so enthusiastically?
Just like Le Dîner en Blanc, DC is a city of many rules and uniformed officers to enforce them. The idea of celebrating Diner en Blanc at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial or on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the Capitol building - arguably two of the most iconic locations in the country - with a glass of wine in hand, adds a certain mystique and allows guests to do something that might otherwise feel forbidden!

What is your proudest or most memorable Le Dîner en Blanc moment?
Seeing 4,500 sparklers lit down Pennsylvania Avenue - by a landslide. The work that went into that location was mind-blowing and I feel incredibly proud of my team for pulling it off.
Linda: Watching our guests move from a beautiful picnic on Pennsylvania Avenue to a full-blown dance party was such an amazing shift in energy during last year's event. To look at 3 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue filled with beautiful table settings and everyone dressed in their most elegant white outfits with the Capitol as our backdrop is something I will never forget. The night was magical!
Kaitlin: Yes, the sparkler moment on Pennsylvania Avenue was so touching to me because the three of us were smack in the middle of the street, standing together taking in the entire evening and all of our hard work to accomplish such a site!

How has Le Dîner en Blanc evolved in your city over the past five years? Where do you see it heading in the future?
Le Dîner en Blanc was instantly embraced by our Washington members, selling out instantly our first year and every year since. The iconic locations we have been able to secure for our guests has been an amazing feat, from the banks of the Anacostia to the base of the Lincoln Memorial, locations typically not available to the general public for access in such a way. The excitement we have built around this concept of coming together for one evening of community makes us realize we are all more alike than different. Le Dîner en Blanc Washington has solidified its name in the rank and file of Washington's "must attend" events and will continue to foster that community together message that we have now.

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