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A New Chapter for Le Dîner en Blanc!


Diner en Blanc International is pleased to announce that earlier this year, co-founder Sandy Safi acquired 100% of its business interests and trademark.

Sandy will be leading the company as it continues to grow with plans to satisfy overwhelming demand by expanding into new markets.

In this post pandemic world reconnecting with people is at the forefront and according to Safi, “We want to facilitate the desire for people to connect or reconnect by enhancing the events with chefs, local flavours, by building a more extensive, interactive global network.”

Diner en Blanc International is still all about food, fashion, and community building! Though its origins are French, Le Dîner en Blanc has flourished in 6 continents, 40 countries and 120 cities with each location injecting its own culture and culinary voice.

“Sharing a meal is universal, but every country has its own customs,” Safi says. “Symbolically,” she notes, “white” complements all colours and this event unites all types of people who like to celebrate a whimsical, fun-filled feast with family and friends while linking to a broader worldwide community.”

Diner en Blanc International will continue to look for more ways to spread Le Dîner en Blanc’s special joie de vivre. “We are exploring additional locales in Asia and South America with an eye toward having a greater social impact in all cities that hold events,” Safi says. “We are still all about food, fashion, and community-building, but we are developing a wider global vision.”

Diner en Blanc International Co-founder Aymeric Pasquier, whose family launched the word-of-mouth soiree in 1988, has stepped away and will now focus on hosting the next Le Dîner en Blanc in Paris, the place where it all began. Safi and her team thank Aymeric and his family for their great passion and many contributions in transporting their family’s Parisian event to North America and beyond.

Diner en Blanc International

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