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Diner en Blanc International Looking for Hosting Teams

Always on the lookout to add new cities or to well-establish the tradition of this elegant picnic, Diner en Blanc International is looking for hosting teams to take on the local production of the events in different cities including Barcelona, Moncton, Bucharest, Tokyo, Sacramento, Miami and Phoenix.

As you may know, Le Diner en Blanc is much more than just a picnic. Between the mystery, the head-to-toe white attire, the reunion of old friends, the meeting of new ones, the dinner and the dance under the stars, this event has become THE annual social gathering for thousands and thousands of guests in over 80 cities all around the world.  With an aura of spontaneity, it’s a movement that represents values such as friendship, elegance, heritage, respect and secrecy. For one night, enthusiasts enjoy uniquely one of the most prestigious public spaces in their city kept secret until the last minute by participating in the unexpected.

For an overview of the atmosphere of this chic picnic, click here.

Having become a global phenomenon in the last years, more and more cities wish to welcome the event and to do that, they need passionate and experimented hosts. So, Diner en Blanc International is currently looking for event specialists who would be interested in taking on such a project.


Some notes on the Diner en Blanc production:

• The organizing team must be composed of 3 people with experience in large-scale event management and dealing with alcohol and venue permits.

• Dîner en Blanc International does not produce these events. We offer free support service and training to organizers wishing to host their own Dîner en Blanc. Organizers must, therefore, have the drive, experience, and structure to produce the event, and they must comply with our standards and values…

• It is important to understand that we do not hire organizers. Events are headed by passionate, local people who love their city and the Dîner en Blanc concept. Each event is financially independent of Dîner en Blanc International Inc.

• Le Dîner en Blanc cannot be associated with any charitable or political causes.

• All communications with Dîner en Blanc International will be conducted in French or English.

For those interested, please fill out the form by clicking on the following link: Le Dîner en Blanc - Application.

For questions about Le Dîner en Blanc, see our FAQ section. For any other questions, you can write to


Dîner en Blanc International


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