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Le Diner en Blanc – Agenda of August 2019

What a sensational program for August! Le Dîner en Blanc will hosted in 19 cities around the world this month: 8 in Canada, 9 in the United States, 1 in Haiti and to end the month, 1 in Lithuania! Each hosting team is busy preparing a night filled with surprises and performances for their guests promising magical evenings for all!

Week 1

The festivities begin in style on August 2 in Québec City and Baltimore. For its 9th edition, Le Dîner en Blanc de Québec has once again sold out, with almost 2000 guests. Sought after by its fans, the event is always one of the most awaited events of the summer. For Baltimore, this 3rd year also sold out should solidify Le Dîner en Blanc’s status as a summer event not to be missed!

Week 2

Five events are on the agenda for the week of August 4 to 10! On August 7 for its 8th edition, Le Dîner en Blanc - Toronto will continue to be innovative, introducing their “Market Experience.” Inspired by Parisian markets, guests will have the opportunity to “shop” the market and hand select delicious foods, select their wines, and enjoy other special treats. These meals can be picked up onsite the evening. The next day, August 8, the festivities are taking place in Vancouver and Chicago. Like Toronto, the two cities are celebrating their 8th edition and can count on a very large number of followers, including volunteers and guests. Finally, on August 10, Le Dîner en Blanc will be celebrated in two cities which may be geographically far away from each other, but are animated with the same spirit of community: South Georgian Bay returns for a 2nd edition, while Haiti goes for a 5th edition in a brand-new area of the county. A clue: this time, the night is set somewhere in Cap-Haitian. Stay tuned!


Week 3

On Saturday, August 17, Le Dîner en Blanc will be celebrated twice. The dinner will be under the sign of novelty in Raleigh in North Carolina as the event will be presented for the very first time! Where will guests will have the chance to dine and to celebrate amongst friends? Mum is the word…for a little longer! The same night in Virginia, Le Dîner en Blanc - Richmond returns with a 3rd edition, where guests will once again be able to dine under the stars!


Week 4

This week will be exceptional indeed!  Between August 19 and 25, the traditional waving of the serviette will happen in no less than 8 cities all around the world! Music, laughs, friendships and dancing will take the spotlight. On August 22, Le Dîner en Blanc de Montreal returns for its 11th edition, with brand-new host team who are happy to take up the torch, and promises an evening out of the ordinary that will exceed all expectations! The same evening in Philadelphia, it is the 8th consecutive sold out year of this must-attend gathering. This time, around 6000 guests will meet somewhere in the City of Brotherly Love. Miles separate them, but the same passion brings them together! On August 23, Le Dîner en Blanc will be celebrated for the 6th time in Vilnius in Lithuania, 7th for Edmundston, in New Brunswick and a 4th in Victoriaville in Quebec.

The following day on Saturday, August 24 will be more than emotionally charged, as guests all in white attire will gather in Charlotte in South Carolina, Washington, DC, and Orange County in California to feast and dance in one of their most prestigious public spaces.


Week 5

The month ends with the 7th edition of Le Dîner en Blanc in Calgary on August 28. And on August 31, Memphis returns for its 2nd sold out edition and to joyfully celebrate their city.


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