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Le Dîner en Blanc - August 2018 Calendar

The month of August is undoubtedly THE month for Le Dîner en Blanc events around the world. More than fifteen events will take place including the 10th anniversary for Montreal, the 5th anniversaries for Washington and Vilnius as well as premieres for Memphis, Charlotte, Wilmington and more.

August 3 - 8th Edition in Quebec City
The first Dîner en Blanc of the month will be held in Quebec City for the 8th consecutive year. The 2017 edition saw more than 2,000 guests on the Jardin St-Roch near the University of Quebec. Let's bet that this year again, the once again sold-out event will be rich in emotion and will continue to anchor the tradition of Le Dîner en Blanc in Quebec City.

August 4 - Premiere in Memphis
The city of Memphis will host its very first Le Dîner en Blanc on Saturday, August 4th! This first edition is already a success since it displays sold out. These organizers, Victoria Young and Gene Robinson III are eager to offer this unforgettable experience to people of Memphis. Everything has been done to make this first edition a success. 

August 11 - 2 events: the return of Kigali and a first Dîner en Blanc in Charlotte

It is the return of Le Dîner en Blanc in Kigali in Rwanda. The organizing team decided to take a break in 2017 after celebrating its 5th birthday with a little more than 600 friends in 2016. For this new edition, the team is working to put everything in place to surprise their guests. Do not miss!

Another American City joins the international community of Le Dîner en Blanc: Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina. Hosted by Leo Bennett, Tara Robertson and Erin Russell, this very first Le Dîner en Blanc is already sold out. These event specialists are looking forward to bringing this unique experience to their fellow citizens.

August 16 - 3 events: Toronto, Philadelphia and a big celebration in Montreal!
The social gathering by excellence in Philadelphia, Le Dîner en Blanc returns for its seventh edition and it took little time for the event to sell out. Hosts and their large team of volunteers are reviewing all the details of the evening to ensure that once again, their 5,500 guests spend another unforgettable evening in the heart of their beloved city.

On the same date in the Canadian metropolis will be invaded for a seventh consecutive year, by
Le Dîner en Blanc - Toronto with a white tide of elegantly dressed people heading towards a place unknown to all, or almost ...

Celebrations in Montreal! Le Dîner en Blanc celebrates its 10th anniversary in the city. Fun Fact: Back in 2009, Montreal was the first city where Le Dîner en Blanc was held outside of Europe. The Parisian tradition was already well established when Aymeric, son of François Pasquier, moved to Montreal.  In the summer of 2009, he decided to try the experiment in his new adopted city. This first edition becomes the basis of the worldwide craze for this chic picnic. Montrealers took an instant liking to this inaugural evening where nearly 1,200 people gathered at Marché Bonsecours. Year after year, Le Dîner en Blanc de Montréal has grown in popularity.  It has also been held in some of the most renown places in the city: Quai de l’Horloge, Place des Festivals du Quartier des Spectacles, Olympic Stadium Esplanade… For its 10th anniversary and to surprise its 5,500 guests, Aymeric Pasquier has teamed up with 3 former volunteer leaders of the event: Sarah Birtwistle, Arianne Justafort and Steve Laurent as well as a large team of volunteers (more than 150). Not to be missed!

August 17 - Premiere in Wilmington
The port city of Wilmington in Delaware is taking its first steps this year as the host city of Le Dîner en Blanc. The hosting team composed of Joe Williams, Michael Flagg, Shanika Perry and Sherelle Flagg have been working for months and look forward to share this French tradition.

August 18 - A Return to the Canadian Capital 
After a first Le Dîner en Blanc held in 2016, the event is finally back in the Canadian capital. With its grandiose Victorian architecture, parks and a canal filled with boats during summer, there is no doubt that the City of Ottawa has all the attractions to host a very successful evening under the stars.

August 23 – 4 events: from the east to the west coast of Canada via the American Midwest!
Le Dîner en Blanc - Calgary took place last year at Shaw Millennium Park where more than 1,000 guests enjoyed a wonderful summer evening. The dedication and enthusiasm of the organizing team let us think that this sixth edition will be even more magical!
The only Le Dîner en Blanc taking place in the Canadian Maritime provinces is the sixth edition for Edmundston. Thanks to the hosting team, volunteers and all their partners, the event is now THE social gathering of the summer in the region. Nearly 1,000 people are expected to share a meal and enjoy a long and beautiful summer night of joy and friendship.

The largest city on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver will host its seventh edition of Le Dîner en Blanc! The 2017 edition created a surprise when not one but two venues were used to accommodate its 5,000 guests. It was one of the most spectacular events ever organized in the city. Let's bet that this year after their participation at the 30th anniversary of Le Dîner en Blanc in Paris, the Vancouver team finds themselves even more inspired and motivated to give its guests a new chic French experience.

For its seventh Le Dîner en Blanc - Chicago, the hosting team welcomes a new member. Brandy Koch joins the already experienced team of Lauren Haras, Roger Hobby and James Wild. This renewed team is ready to make you live a seventh magical and unforgettable evening to the values of Le Dîner en Blanc: friendship, sharing and elegance!
August 24 - 3rd Soirée in Victoriaville
Victoriaville closes the month for Canadian cities hosting Le Dîner en Blanc in August. In the past two years, Le Dîner en Blanc - Victoriaville has had undeniable successful events and, this third edition will most probably make the cut too! A new secret place plus a motivated team; no doubt this next edition will be breathtaking.
August 25 - 5th Anniversary for the US capital!
Le Dîner en Blanc - Washington, DC, turns 5 years old! In a city like DC full of prestigious and world-renowned sites finding wow secret location seems to be a breeze. Last year, nearly 4,500 people gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue, near the Capitol. Linda, Bryer and Kaitlin Davis, along with their passionate and dedicated team of volunteers have been at work for weeks to dazzle their guests for this fifth anniversary.

August 30 - A second year for Baltimore
With more than 1,500 attendees for its first edition at the Maryland Zoo, Le Dîner en Blanc - Baltimore is an instant success. The event returns this year for a second edition full of promises. With a first experience under their belt, the hosting team is ready to delight and welcome even more guests.

August 31st - 5th Anniversary for Vilnius
The month ends with another milestone. The Lithuanian capital hosts the fifth anniversary of Le Dîner en Blanc in Vilnius. Where will this celebration be? With more than 600 years of history, the hosting team will certainly try to highlight the beauty of the city, reflecting different styles and eras, typical of northern Europe.

For the complete information on each event, visit their website or Facebook page or Instagram account.

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