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Le Dîner en Blanc - Deconfinement Mode!

Last March, without much preamble, quarantine moved in around the world. The break from our way of life as well as the common fight of Covid-19 injected for the vast majority of people a good dose of creativity and flexibility. Everything in our daily life was turned upside down: work, leisure, shopping, etc. In a great collective effort, we have adapted to these new conditions. Working from home, daily walks, grocery shopping and virtual cocktails were, by their novelty, our sources of motivation.

Today, after all these weeks of physical isolation from everyone (family, friends, colleagues), we find ourselves somewhat out of breath and lacking in socialization. The situation has improved almost everywhere in the world, the word "deconfinement" is on everyone's lips. It is all time as motivation is failing. So, to motivate us, we offer you some expert advice to stay on track!

Time for Ourselves

Some would say that it is easier said than done. Taking time for yourself is the secret to well-being. Stretching and moving is essential. Doing some sports at home will not only lighten our spirit but our weight too

Working at home has its benefits like not wasting so much time commuting to and from, but the lack of socialization with colleagues can become a source of demotivation after some time. One way to cheer up in the morning is to take the time to glam it up a bit. A little mascara or our favourite top - especially for these famous video conferences - and voilà!

Setting Achievable Goals

Many of us fantasize about realizing our biggest dreams: a new career, moving, travelling, etc. However, we have to keep our feet firmly on the ground and set goals that are easily attainable so it remains motivating and not the other way around! Writing them down can be an effective way to see what we have accomplished and what is left to do.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Quickly, we all let ourselves be tempted with sleeping in the mornings and bingeing all night on our favourite series. However, keeping a schedule allows you to maintain a certain discipline and to allow yourself time to do fun and satisfying things during the day.

People all over the world have this common craving of being productive or doing something rewarding. Individual effectiveness does depend on one thing: personal organization. By imposing a certain rhythm, we find a balance and keep our motivation.

Limit the Time Spent in Front of Your Screens

If there is one activity where we all allocate lots and lots of hours are the time to spend in front of a screen: phone, tablet, computer, TV. Our life is full of them. Working from home necessarily requires spending more time on a computer in order to stay connected to one's professional environment. Social media allow us to maintain social ties with those around us.

Taking a look at the analytical reports on your phone is a good way to measure your own use. (Have you noticed how many times per week your phone needs to be recharged?) Experts strongly advise that for a restful sleep to stop using any of them at least an hour before bedtime. Swap everything for a good old book – paper version!


Take Advantage of the Weather / Outdoor Activities

Nature is and will always be one of the main sources of energy and relaxation. There is nothing like the sea air, greenery or the sun to soothe the soul. Take advantage of the good weather to go on a trail or a hike, go away for the weekend if deconfinement allows it. Many of our favourite activities can be done outdoors. If allowed in your corner of the planet, invite some friends for a picnic! Of course, while respecting all the measures put in place by your public health services.

This quarantine period will have confirmed once again to all of us that our well-being and happiness depend only on us and that they are found in simple moments of life. Let's enjoy them!


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