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Le Dîner en Blanc in March 2019!

It’s already March!! If you live in North America you are probably especially happy to see this month finally come because winter has been furious and with March comes spring. Mother Nature has not been kind to us these past few months. Fortunately, she is on her best behaviour in other parts of the world offering perfect nights to enjoy life under a starry sky.  

Perfect warm days and nights = Perfect time for Le Dîner en Blanc!  Friends and friend-of-friend will gather this month in 5 cities around the world.

The first event of the day is Le Dîner en Blanc – Tauranga! The Bay of Plenty will enjoy its third edition, which will be once more hosted by Rachelle Duffy, Dayna Comeskey, and Kimberley Cleland. Tauranga offers many gorgeous backdrops for this chic picnic from historic buildings to majestic natural sites. We cannot wait to find out where the festivities will take place this year.

Later on, across the Pacific Ocean and over 11,000 km away, Guatemala City will experience Le Dîner en Blanc for the very first time, hosted by Zero Studio, the company that brings us our passionate organizers, Carlos Amado, Carol Márquez, Nando Yax and Juancho Miranda. Giving themselves only a few weeks to put all the details of this unique experience together, they have worked arduously and meticulously to premiere this beautiful night to their city.  

Le Dîner en Blanc marks its 5th Anniversary in San José, Costa Rica! The first 4 editions were hosted by Elsa Goicoechea, Laura Miranda and Iliana Velazquez.  For this anniversary edition, the team has been renewed. Along with Iliana Valezquez, the hosting team is now lead by Ariel Saffati and Estaban Salazar. Where will this milestone take place? Past events were held in very different settings form Parque Escultorico Rua de la Paz en Hacienda Espinal with its beachy feel, then Parque Morazan with its city feel, followed by Titanic Museo de Los Ninos and last year at Terrazas de Escazu offering a spectacular view of the city. This city is definitely going to make for some beautiful photos, and a truly memorable evening.

Auckland will be enjoying another night of festivities under the stars! Le Dîner en Blanc returns for a 6th consecutive year. The team at Campbell + Co lead by Vinny Sherry and Anna Wood is hard at work making sure that this year’s event brings the magic that the Auckland guests are used to, and that will mystify newcomers. 

Panama City is celebrating its 500th Anniversary this year!  What better way to pay tribute to the city than with the celebration of Le Dîner en Blanc? The event’s concept is entirely based on guests enjoying the beauty, history and architecture of the city where they live. The event was launched with a press conference at the residence of the French Ambassador in Panama. The host team composed of Eric Barry, Rigoberto Duran Macia and Sonia Stella Rodriguez Morales, are looking forward to celebrating this breathtaking night during such a special year of festivities. 


Interested in taking part in any of these events or would like to find out more, visit their web or Facebook page.

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