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Le Dîner en Blanc International family

Le Dîner en Blanc International family

Le Dîner en Blanc carries a unique history and a philosophy that we are proud of. Our family is constantly growing!

The many cities that have joined the Dîner en Blanc family worldwide not only wish to participate in this concept, they respect its philosophy. We are welcoming these new cities by creating a network which interconnects and allows members to participate in any Dîner en Blanc event worldwide!

Since 2012 we’ve been very busy with more than forty cities joining the family. Our goal is to guide and coach interested and qualified parties who wish to host their own Dîner en Blanc in their city. We also link these new cities to the entire Dîner en Blanc network worldwide.

The license to use the trademark Dîner en Blanc®, the website template on and all the support services are free to the organizers of the event. In exchange, we ask that the organizers commit to respecting certain rules and guidelines of the Dîner en Blanc International organization. In addition to the trademark license, we also provide images, a media kit, production documents, as well as organizational  and technical support for our website.

Our online tool allows: organizers to collect the names of all guests via an online waiting list, guests to register, organizers to manage guest lists/guest departure points, organizers to sell meals/wine/champagne online, and also provides a printed confirmation of payment.

As a means of supporting all the expenses linked to the services below, a nominal flat fee is charged directly to all guests that participate in your event. This allows them the privilege of becoming an official member the Dîner en Blanc International network. They will automatically be re-invited to your event every year and soon, be allowed priority registration to any event around the world. This fee is 5.00$ US per person.
Here is a list of the service provided to the organiser, at no cost:
  • Dîner en Blanc® license in your city;
  • Fully customizable web site that is ready to use (Template style). This includes the Dîner en Blanc® design / pictures / logo and other;
  • Web hosting on our server / sub domain name Ex:
  • Personal emails for the organization's team Ex:
  • Online guest waiting list (CSV/Excel export) Ex:
  • Online Registration Tool
  • Proprietary online guest management software. Secure access for the organization team to their management page, and secure access for the guests to their own profile page;
  • E-Shop / E-Store;
  • Facebook affiliated Fan Page Ex:;
  • (optional) Twitter affiliated Page EX:;
  • (optional) Youtube affiliated Page EX:;
  • (optional) Pinterest affiliated Page:;
  • Online sharing folder with useful documents related to the event's organization;
  • Sponsorship proposal package / DEB International Press Kit
  • Email support to the organizers.
Members (your guests) will receive access to a secure web page which allows them to:
  • Decide whom to invite to their table;
  • Sponsor (ie. recommend) friends;
  • Communicate with their Table Leader;
  • Communicate with any Members in the world (coming soon);
  • Register and choose their departure point on a map;
  • Register with a priority privilege to other Dîner en Blanc events (coming soon);
  • Group their table to their friends';
  • Buy items on E-Store. Ex: Wine  / Champagne / Picnic basket...
  • Download their invoice
  • Be automatically re-invited, once they gain membership status, to your event the following year and guarantee their spot.

Press presentation image DEB INT

If you would like to host your own Diner en Blanc® event in your city, please contact us and we will send you a form to fill out to know you better.
We are looking forward to hearing more about you and your vision for a Diner en Blanc in your city!
Thank you,
Le Dîner en Blanc International Team

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