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Le Dîner en Blanc – Okanagan is 5!

In 2012, inspired by the global phenomenon that was the growing tradition of Le Dîner en Blanc, Christina Ferreira and Alison Love wanted to join in on the adventure. To test the market, they decided to organize a sort of “mini Dîner en Blanc” – à la Paris circa 1988 - where relatives, friends and friends-of-friends were invited. The plan worked as 200 guests gathered that night! The following year, Dîner en Blanc International entrusted them with the organization of the very first original Le Dîner en Blanc – Okanagan. Thanks to their passion and dedication, Le Dîner en Blanc- Okanagan celebrates its 5th anniversary on Thursday, July 6th!
Hosts : Christina Ferreira and Alison Love
Renowned for its stunning landscapes and sunny climate, the Okanagan Valley differs significantly from the rest of Canada with its semi-desert mountains, and small cacti. Last year, nearly 1,100 guests gathered in a beautiful setting near Okanagan Lake to spend a festive night amongst friends and family. 

    What is your proudest or most memorable Dîner en Blanc moment?
“It’s hard to pick one but selling out Phase 3 in record time truly made us realize that we had created something special in our community. Every year when I watch those faces arrive at the secret location I recognize many that have joined us annually. They’ve almost become family in that we spend this time together dining, laughing and dancing reconnecting until the next year.”

In Alison and Christina’s opinion, not many events spark this much excitement and curiosity - apart from Le Dîner en Blanc – and this largely contributes to the secret of its success. Guests love this evening for the mystery it brings, the magic of an al fresco dinner, and the solemn effect of the pristine en Blanc. 
Le Dîner en Blanc – Okanagan is now an event not-to-be-missed! Guests put every effort ino the preparation of their evening: outfits, fine gourmet meals, table decorations… Everything is fully thought through (and the hosts are delighted!)


•    How has Dîner en Blanc evolved in your city over the past five years? Where do you see it heading in the future? 
“We have grown from a small test run of nearly 200 people to now selling out quickly at over 1000 guests. Each year we try to bring new elements to the event, entertainment, photo booths, gelato station and more. We are limited on public spaces in the Okanagan that are large enough for us to continue to grow but we do see additional growth in the coming years in our plans.”

Always bursting with energy and ideas to launch this year’s campaign, the hosts created a Save-the-Date Video to give their guests a taste of D-Day. The magic seems to have worked: the July 6th event is sold-out!

Le Dîner en Blanc – Okanagan on Social Media


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