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Le Dîner en Blanc - Our 2020 Resolutions

A New Year always brings the opportunity to re-examine the previous year and, identify some improvement areas. This is commonly known as New Year’s Resolutions. Le Dîner en Blanc is no exception to the rule. So, here is a list of three resolutions that will make the year 2020 – we guarantee it - incredible!

1 – Take a Break

Between work, social and family life or administrative tasks, everyday life is fast and furious. This leaves almost no room for the most basic: ourselves. The first resolution is to take some time for ourselves throughout the year. Not thinking of anything else and just enjoying some delightful moments and living in them. 

2 - Learn How to Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Life

In order to make this year even more incredible, it is crucial to close the door to frustrations. Simply put, letting ourselves be tempted by the pleasures of life: whether gastronomic or sweet pleasures, Epicurus is a very special guest at Le Dîner en Blanc.


3 – Devote Oneself to the People Dear to Us

Our entourage, this ensemble of people dear to us that we sometimes neglect due to a lack of time and daily distractions. For this year, let’s devote more time to them. Right at the top of our priorities is to leave the daily routine behind for a moment and make quality time with the people we love and remind them that they are a priority.


This short list of resolutions stems directly from the values around which Le Dîner en Blanc was created: friendships, sharing, community… Each year, this wonderful evening of celebration of life and joy, is the perfect opportunity for guests to take a break from their daily lives gathered with their loved ones and new friends around a table laden with delicious food.

On behalf of the entire Diner en Blanc International team, we wish you a very happy 2020!


Dîner en Blanc International


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