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Le Dîner en Blanc – September 2018 Agenda

Back to school is one of the most intense periods of the year. The summer lounging mood is fading out but this is not the case for Le Dîner en Blanc events! September is jam-packed with events all over the globe. Some cities are celebrating a fifth edition: Albuquerque, Honolulu, Vilnius, Boston, Los Angeles while others are premiering the event like Trois-Rivières, South Georgian Bay, Madrid and Indianapolis. The month of September promises to be rich in emotion!

September 1 - 5th Anniversary for Honolulu and 3rd Edition for Budapest

This year, Le Dîner en Blanc - Honolulu celebrates its 5th anniversary and, a few hours later at more than 12,500 km away, Budapest its 3rd edition. Both events are successes every year and offer us spectacular images: thanks to its landscapes of paradisiac islands between sea and volcano in Hawaii and to the architecture of Budapest, vestige of the Roman time. This was the case again this year.

September 6 - A great Premiere for Trois-Rivières
Halfway between Montreal and Quebec City, the city of Trois-Rivières organizes for the first time this year Le Dîner en Blanc. Second-largest French-speaking city in North America just steps from the St. Laurent River, Trois-Rivières is a historic city with undeniable charm. We are eager to know where the hosts Stephanie Allard, Michael Vincent, Jean-Pierre Gagnon, Sebastien and Julie De Laniere are taking their guests for this first edition.

September 8 - 3 events in 3 countries: Canada, Korea and China!
On the Asian continent, Le Dîner en Blanc - Seoul and Shanghai are preparing to welcome all their guests elegantly dressed in white for the 3rd and 4th times respectively. On the other side of the planet, a few hours later in South Georgian Bay, Canada, Le Dîner en Blanc premieres! The three-host Lisa Farano, Lori d'Agostino and Steven Vipond are hard at work to offer you a most memorable event. These three events are sure to make Le Dîner en Blanc shine all over the world.

September 9 - A 5th edition for the city of Boston

Capital and largest city of Massachusetts, Boston celebrates its fifth edition! For this celebration, a new organizing team composed of Anna Berezina, Kelly Early and Samantha Kanter is ready and eager to give their guests a new evening filled with emotion, friendship, sharing and joie de vivre!

September 13 – Time for Albuquerque and Charleston
The port city of South Carolina, Charleston is hosting this year its 3rd Le Dîner en Blanc with a new hosting team - Blair Barna, Eva Sellers and Lauren Kesmodel. After the success of the previous events at the picturesque and historic Wragg Square Mall and on the banks of the Ashley River, the question is: where will team take everyone for this new edition? The secret is well-kept... POSTPONED DUE TO HURRICANE FLORENCE.

On the same day still in the United States, and in the largest city of New Mexico, Le Dîner en Blanc - Albuquerque marks its 5-year anniversary! The ever-present nice weather to enjoy splendid nights under the stars as well as the reputation of the event have no doubt helped to sell out once again this edition. Guests from past editions have been treated to a ballet, wedding, interactive installations and more. What magical moments do the hosts have in store for this 5th edition? We have to wait until September 13th!

September 15 - 3 events in Long Island, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati
September 15th, one night 3 events in 1 country: Le Dîner en Blanc - Long Island returns for a second year, Pittsburgh for a fourth edition and Cincinnati for a seventh edition.

September 17 - 8th year for New York City!
One of the most anticipated events of the year! Indeed, Le Dîner en Blanc - New York is once again victim of its own success, the event was declared sold-out only a few hours after the opening of Phase 3. With a new but experienced hosting team, the question is: where will they take their more than 6,000 guests?

September 20 - Le Dîner en Blanc returns to Spain!
At the beginning of the Dîner en Blanc International, the city of Barcelona held the first Le Dîner en Blanc in Spain. This year, Madrid takes it over. Le Dîner en Blanc makes its return in the Spanish Capital. The hosts - Carlos Granda, Raul De Gregorio and Tetyana Rybalka - are hard at work to offer you an exceptional and unforgettable evening. For all the details, visit the Madrid webpage.

September 28 - A first for Indianapolis

The family of the cities hosting Le Dîner en Blanc in the United States keeps growing! Recognized worldwide for its Indy 500, Indianapolis is holding its very first Le Dîner en Blanc. Amber Clarke, Jessica Brand and Katasha Butler are busy refining every last detail to make this premiere an unforgettable night. For all the details, go to their webpage.

September 29 – Month ends with Johannesburg and Los Angeles!
The month of September ends with a 5th-edition milestone for two cities on two different continents. First that day in the largest city of South Africa: Le Dîner en Blanc – Johannesburg! The new hosting team composed of Camille Janse van Rensburg, Funeka Peppeta and Kevin Janse van Rensburg is preparing to mark this special edition! Then the festivities will pick up a few hours later on the other side of the planet, in the sprawling Californian city of Los Angeles where more than 2,000 guests will gather at the new secret place to dine, dance and celebrate this beautiful evening.

To all the hosts, the hundreds of volunteers and the thousands of guests, we wish you wonderful evenings under the sign of friendship, sharing and celebration. Santé!

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