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Le Dîner en Blanc September 2019 Calendar

With autumn on our doorstep and back-to-school around the corner, the idleness of summer gradually fades away ... However, Le Dîner en Blanc is the exception to the rule and keeps the good times rolling! Twelve events will be held in September: Boston, Shanghai, Pittsburgh, Wilmington, Indianapolis, Honolulu, Cincinnati, Long Island, Albuquerque, Madrid, Atlanta and San Diego.

Boston et Shanghai – Saturday, September 7

Boston is gearing up for a 6th edition of Le Diner en Blanc! Sold out, the capital of Massachusetts will once again offer an idyllic setting for guests to enjoy and celebrate with friends. On the other side of the planet, Shanghai will enjoy their 5th-Anniversary Edition of Le Dîner en Blanc.


Pittsburgh – Friday, September 13

Friday the 13th does not always mean bad luck and the hosting team of Le Diner en Blanc is Pittsburgh has done everything possible this year to prove it! Having joined the Diner en Blanc adventure in 2014, the event returns for a 5th-Anniversary Edition.


4 events across the US – Saturday, September 14

From the state of Delaware to Hawaii, four American cities will host Le Diner en Blanc! This festive and ‘event’-full evening begins in Wilmington, continues in Indianapolis and Cincinnati and ends in Honolulu.

While Wilmington and Indianapolis are in their second year, Cincinnati is in its eighth and for the occasion a brand-new hosting team composed of Kerry Schall, Marc Wertheim, Mario Cicchinelli, and Rob Kuper are taking over.  For Honolulu, the question is: after the bouncy castle and ecological sculpture, what does this 6th edition reserve in unusual and fun activities?


Long Island – Sunday, September 15

Long Island will welcome Le Dîner en Blanc for a 3rd edition. This American island does not lack beautiful scenic sites to celebrate the event from sandy beaches to historical sites, guests cannot wait to discover the secret place where they will dine with friends!


Albuquerque – Thursday, September 19

The party is coming to Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 19th when Le Diner en Blanc celebrates an 8th consecutive year of friendship, laughter and joie de vivre. A great opportunity to gather and dine in, once again, one of the most beautiful places in the city!

3 events on 2 continents – Saturday, September 21

The day/evening begins in Spain where Le Diner en Blanc goes for the 2nd edition in Madrid. What better way to make the summer heat last than to dine under the stars with friends in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain? On the other side of the Atlantic, the 6th edition in Atlanta will be led by Carla Griffin, Sheryl Bennett, Lyle Harris and Samuel Lenaeus. These enthusiasts are delighted to bring back to their city the magic and elegance of Le Dîner en Blanc. And finally, the September marathon and the evening will close with this 8th annual dinner with friends in San Diego


To know everything about these different events,
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