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All around the world, the time has come to start the deconfinement. Most of us have now this thirst for freedom. Our overflowing imagination from the early days of quarantine has subsided and, boredom is settling in. However, the end of quarantine does not mark a complete return to "the life before.” Everywhere, new citizen responsibilities are and will be implemented like wearing masks and physical distancing.

This quarantine has made us review some of our habits and priorities. Among those priorities and essential points is the comeback of shopping locally! Whether what you are looking for is produced, made or grown in your area or is just sold at one of your favourite boutiques or stores, it will be most important to visit and encourage the local producers and stores, and maybe even put aside for the time being those sales and delivery giants.

After all these weeks in isolation and without much human contact, what could be better than visiting your local merchant? In addition to understanding and living your reality, it will allow you to exchange on the what is going on around you and, to add to your purchases a personalized flavour.
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In the era in which we live, nearly all types of businesses and services have their place on the web. They either have their own site, Facebook page, Instagram account or you can find them with a simple web search to find their phone number, address and opening hours.

"When you choose to consume locally, there are lots of advantages! We discover the immense variety of flavours of our region. The more demand there is for local products, the more xwe will see the offers diversify. It is an effective way to reduce our environmental footprint: less packaging, less waste, less GHG related to the transport of food,” explains Anne Thivierge, from Sainte-Croix in France, who is working with a team to put an online platform called Du terroir à l’armoire. This platform allows her fellow citizens to shop locally.

Le Dîner en Blanc at its core has always been a huge fan of local shopping. We encourage you even more today to discover what your city and areas have to offer and to share it with your entourage so that your local economy quickly regains its liveliness.

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