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Le Dîner en Blanc - Stylish #enblanc

With the warm and sunny days coming back to the Northern hemisphere, we can't help but start dreaming of the beautiful moments between friends that await us – while, of course, respecting the rule of this new era: physical / social distancing.

Le Dîner en Blanc, a must attend in many cities around the world, sees thousands of guests each year with more original looks than the next. Even if in 2020, Le Dîner en Blanc may not happen as usual, it does not mean that we will not bring out our best white to celebrate summer.

Here are ideas to be stylish at your next event… en Blanc! Monochrome is far from monotonous, and we're going to share a few tips to make your outfit standout.

First of all, mixing materials will give volume and originality to your outfit. Wool, leather, cotton, linen... Do not be shy! Mix and match! Add original accessories to your outfit: white, silver or even gold - from jewelry to bags to hats and shoes. Let your originality and creativity be your guide! Don't limit yourself to just one style. Mix them up, break the codes, challenge your creativity.

While keeping in mind its style and originality, another principle to observe is comfort! It is important to feel comfortable throughout the evening and even more so during a dinner where you sit at a table for a good while. Unfortunately, form-fitting clothes have the disadvantage of being uncomfortable.

While being chic, with the warmth of summer evenings, one needs to be casual! For a relaxed style, opt for a wide cut and light materials such as cotton or linen.


Keeping its white, white!

Always attractive, white stands out and shines in a crowd which is why it is necessary to take special care of your clothes. A stain of red wine or chocolate can ruin pants or blouse in seconds. Following are tips for keeping your white bright:

Maintenance: nothing beats grandmother remedies using everyday products and respectful of the environment; soak your white piece of clothing in a water with white vinegar and baking soda for 30 minutes before washing.

Removing stains: once again Grandmother was right: Marseille’s soap is the miracle solution. With a stain, it is essential to be reactive! Remove the maximum, taking care not to spread it further. Once home, you will need a tad of elbow grease and determination to save your garment. Rub the stain with the Marseille soap then rinse with cold water and then repeat until the stain has disappeared or faded. After, wash your clothes as usual and voilà, like new!

For machine wash, always chose a low temperature cycle it will help preserve the clothes appearance and in an eco-responsible way. To avoid distorting it, air dry it. The planet will thank you!

The Planet en Blanc

For an ecologically and economically advantageous white outfit, vintage or second-hand clothing is a wonderful option. Visit a local thrift store in person or online to find quality and well-cut ensemble at a lower price.


While still in quarantine...

Why not make a white zero waste Macramé bag:

Une image contenant intérieur, table, assis, alimentationDescription générée automatiquement

You will need

  • 40 metres of white rope
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • 2 bag handles

For the How-To, visit

Photos of our guests for inspiration:

Une image contenant route, extérieur, voiture, hommeDescription générée automatiquement Une image contenant intérieur, table, assis, gâteauDescription générée automatiquement Une image contenant personne, tenant, femme, blancDescription générée automatiquementUne image contenant personne, extérieur, bâtiment, gensDescription générée automatiquementUne image contenant extérieur, personne, eau, tenantDescription générée automatiquement

Stand out and have fun with your outfit for your next #dinerenblanc

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