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Le Diner en Blanc – THE 2020 NOVEMBER EVENTS!

When the world came to a stop back in March, Le Dîner en Blanc in Auckland was only a few days away.  As everything was shutting down, the event had evidently to be postponed. Since then New Zealand has succeeded in getting rid of the pandemic not once but twice. With summer coming, events are now back on track.

Which means that Le Dîner en Blanc - Auckland* will take place on Saturday, November 7!


While the rest of Australia has been dealing like all most of the rest of the world with a lockdown and confinement because of the pandemic, Western Australia has remained almost untouched.  After the March shutdown, Perth has been able to reopen while taking the necessary precautions.

Originally scheduled for April 2020, Le Dîner en Blanc – Perth* will take place on Saturday, November 7!


While we wait for new images of these events, visit their web Gallery for a few souvenirs from their 2019 editions at and

*All applicable COVID-19 local public safety measures will be enforced.

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