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Le Dîner en Blanc & the Planet

At a time when the planet is urgently aware of problems caused by climate change, Le Dîner en Blanc – by its original concept – is a celebration which, for more than 30 years and without having really “planned” for it, does its part in order to reduce its ecological impact.

Combining Chic and Ecology, It’s Possible!

For several years all around the world, guests of Le Dîner en Blanc have wearing their chic white attire, decorating their tables with care and spending an idyllic evening filled with laughter and joie de vivre. As everyone knows, an outdoor event can, in some cases, be synonymous with waste or pollution. That is why the many rules of Le Dîner en Blanc help to take care of our dear planet, encouraging its participants to adopt a “zero waste” attitude.

Mixing the Reasonable with Pleasure

Everything begins with the first production element of the event: getting to the secret place! Not knowing where the event will take place, guests meet at a selected departure point which they select at registration and from there, travel in groups to the dinner location. These common means of transportation vary from one city to another but depending on each: bus, boat, subway, tram, bicycle… A practice that joins useful and pleasure by travelling to the prestigious secret place surrounded by friends!


Eco-Friendly Dinner

Since its creation, the conception of Le Dîner en Blanc has not changed, based on the tradition of grand dinners: the reusable is appropriate, and even mandatory! Each year, guests must bring all the necessary equipment for the elegant dinner, from the table to chairs to tablecloth, serviettes, dishes, utensils, etc. For all these items as well as for the containers used to bring their gourmet meal, it is forbidden to use disposable materials such as paper or plastic.

To top up their picnic basket, guests are also encouraged to stock up on locally grown produce and buy local specialties.


End of Night in Beauty and Recycling!

With its pop-up nature, the priority of the event is to leave the borrowed site as clean as upon arrival. The first rule of Le Dîner en Blanc is without appeal: leave nothing behind! Each participant must at the end of the evening pick up and bring all their equipment and waste with them. So back at home, each element finds its functionality, its recycling bin or even compost bin!


Cities Taking a Step Further

Beyond these universal rules valid for all Le Dîner en Blanc events around the world, some cities have deepened the initiative by imagining artistic activities or performances, all more original than the others! For example, last year in Honolulu, the innovative artist Aurora Robson built a majestic sculpture made entirely of oceanic debris collected on the shores of Oahu.


It is all of these steps, as sensible and simple as they are, that allow Le Dîner en Blanc to act in the best possible way
in the face of the ecological problem, and that while continuing to celebrate friendship in the most beautiful places in the world!


To know everything about the different events,
visit their web pages or follow them via their Facebook pages or Instagram accounts.

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