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Le Dîner en Blanc to Premiere in Memphis, Tennessee

Le Dîner en Blanc – Memphis is set to premiere on August 4th, 2018.  To mark this addition to the grand adventure, we wanted to know more about what prompted the Hosts Victoria Young and Gene Robinson III to bring this chic picnic in their city.

Despite the fact that none of the hosts had the opportunity to attend Le Dîner en Blanc before, they were determined to either take part in one or to bring the event to their city. Born and bred in Memphis, the city represents everything to them: family, friends and businesses… Memphis is endowed with a distinctive soul and culture that makes it dear to their hearts. From music to fine food and arts, the city is a perfect match to the concept of Le Dîner en Blanc. The city is experiencing a transitional period of change creating an opening for new innovational events. For the hosts, it is the perfect time to bring Le Dîner en Blanc to Memphians!

All the team members are unanimous to the fact that Le Dîner en Blanc is very different and unique from the events they have organized so far. Most of these events were for students, athletes or their professional organizations, but Le Dîner en Blanc challenges them to rethink event planning. As they say, “You have to consider how people from all walks of life will live this experience and be intentional about fusing those elements and curating that experience. Forcing you to dismantle the rigid box in efforts to create a unique experience that is unlike 
any other. It cannot be the same exact thing, although the traditions and characteristics are fragrant of the event. You really have to rely upon every skillset for its execution in order to create a seamless experience for the attendees.”

This team is tight and ready for the challenge. Each member adds its own particularities and qualities to the team that bring balance to the group which a key element for a well-organised event. With much of the organization already underway, Victoria and Gene are very excited about the enthusiasm and support that the people of Memphis have shown for Le Dîner en Blanc. That enthusiasm and support resonated by the immediate response when the invitations were officially sent... The inaugural Le Dîner en Blanc is already sold out!

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