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Le Dîner en Blanc – Victoria celebrates its 5th anniversary

Since the founding of Le Dîner en Blanc International, the concept keeps seducing more and more cities. Every year, new cities join the community. Among them, some now traditionally host this event annually and are about to celebrate an exciting milestone: their 5th edition this year.  That is the case for Le Dîner en Blanc – Victoria! The festivities will happen on July 7, 2017. 

The idea of bringing the concept to Victoria began when the hosting team of Le Dîner en Blanc – Vancouver offered to `co-produce´ the event. The challenge was immediately accepted by Aidan Henry (co-host). Today, Aidan answers some of our questions.“Each year, Le Dîner en Blanc invokes quintessential elements of magic”, Aidan says proudly. For him, the 2013 event was not only his first experience as a host, but as a guest too. This inaugural evening took guests to an orchard at St Ann’s Academy – a beautiful natural setting. 

•    What is it about your city that embraced the concept so enthusiastically?
The people of Victoria constantly yearn for something ‘different’. Many events share the same basic framework and principles, but Dîner en Blanc is a very unique entity. The beauty and intimacy is something lacking from so many other events, but this elegant, - French-inspired ‘pop-up picnic’ really brings everybody together in a way no other event can.”


Last year for the 4th edition of Le Dîner en Blanc – Victoria, 1700 guests gathered in front lawn of the Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel where everyone enjoyed the incredible view of the port. The unusual aspect of the event particularly touches the residents of Victoria who seem fond of the atmosphere – both mysterious and magical. 

    How has Dîner en Blanc evolved in your city over the past five years? Where do you see it heading in the future?
“Since 2013, Dîner en Blanc has continued to grow in size and complexity. We continue to add new layers and elements every year. from entertainment, to food & beverage, to decor, we strive to push the experience to new levels and constantly innovate, leaving our guests hanging as to what next years brings...” 

For this very special edition, co-hosts Aidan Henry and Jason Postle have one main recommendation for their guests. “Whether you are a Dîner en Blanc newbie or a regular, take your time to prepare everything you will be needing for this great night. The more you indulge and prepare for the event, the better your experience will be!”

In 2014 at Le Dîner en Blanc – Victoria in Fisherman’s Wharf Park, guests witnessed a wedding proposal – a truly moving moment for everyone! The romantic atmosphere of the evening might definitely inspire other couples…  

We wish the hosts, the volunteers and all the guests of Le Dîner en Blanc – Victoria the most wonderful 5th edition! Remember to shine white like a diamond Victoria!

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