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Welcome to Le Dîner en Blanc - Buenos Aires!

Dîner en Blanc International is thrilled to welcome Buenos Aires to its ever-growing Le Dîner en Blanc family. Hosts Jimena Suarez Obligado, Maria Virginia Naon and Nicolas Francisquelo are delighted to plan the first ever Le Dîner en Blanc - Buenos Aires. 

Multicultural, the capital of Argentina is one of the largest cities in South America in terms of population with around 17 million people in the Greater Buenos Aires conurbation, which also includes several Buenos Aires Province districts. With some of its architecture of European inspiration the city can make any residents or tourists feel like in they are in Madrid or Paris.  

The idea to introduce Le Dîner en Blanc to Buenos Aires came to our 3 hosts about 4 years ago. They saw coverage of the event being held in Paris and simply felt in love with the concept. From there, they were on a mission to create this magic night in their city. Though none of them has yet to attend a Le Dîner en Blanc but convinced by what they saw in the media, they decided to launch Le Dîner en Blanc - Buenos Aires

Friends with a great deal of respect and admiration for one another, Jimena, Maria and Nicolas have also been working in the development, organization and production of events for the past 20 years with the last 10 focused in the food & wine industry. Even with all this knowledge under their hats, they admit that “Le Dîner en Blanc definitely adds a ‘layer’ of content. All guests have a role in the event, they are not simply spectators, they play a role in the event from the moment they get invited to be part.”  

•    What do you think will be the greatest challenge as you move forward with your event? Or, what has the greatest challenge been so far?

“Finding the right venue was a challenge. There are several requests and demands for a ‘secret location, rain or shine event’ that are not usual in many other events. And in the next weeks our biggest challenge will be to install the concept and details of the event for our guests. Most Argentinians are not accustomed to urban picnics where many necessities, like the tables and chairs, must be brought by them. But we have a great team of collaborators including Group and Table Leaders who are working together and side by side with us to help make this a great ‘Dîner’.”  


We look forward to discover which secret location in this beautiful city the hosts have decided to take their guests to for inaugural edition. All to be revealed on October 7, 2017. If you want to participate, sign-up to the waiting list at

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